Mannequin in Darby Scott's Mill Store
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Next Stop, Wellesley MA.

We are grateful to all who visited and shopped with us at the MAK&CO shop-in-shop this past November and December. Thank you for helping to make our event a successful and joyous occasion! We are especially grateful to Lynn and John at MAK&CO for giving us such a magnificent spot to showcase our goods in their beautiful store in downtown Andover MA.

We are looking forward to an exciting 2024. This year we celebrate 30 years in business and will be hosting some fun events around the country. Stay tuned and sign-up for alerts and invitations to these events and other insider parties.

Next Up: A Spring Pop-Up at Clementine, Church Street Square, Wellesley Massachusetts.

Contact Darby Scott : 800-374-5631 with order inquiries or assistance.