Darby Scott® only uses select center cuts of exotic skins from around the globe, such as alligator, lizard, ostrich, stingray and python. We employ old world techniques to bring out the highest possible luster and to accentuate the natural markings of each skin.

Hours of intense workmanship go into each fitting and clasp. The jewelry-inspired fittings feature constellations of semi-precious stones and minerals from India, Asia, South America and Africa. Graceful carvings reveal the essence of natural woods, shell and bone.

Every bag is bench-made by skilled craftsmen individually perfecting each piece and highlighting the inherent beauty of the materials.

Custom Orders: 

There are many styles in the Darby Scott® Collection that can be produced in a variety of skin types and colors.  If you see a style you like, but prefer to have it in another color or skin please contact us about placing a special order.  

We manufacture in the following skins:

Nile Crocodile (matte and glazed finishes) 

American Alligator (matte and glazed finishes)


Ostrich Leg




Most custom orders take 8-10 weeks to deliver.  If skins are not readily available to meet your request we will advise the approximate date of an extended delivery before your order is confirmed.  An appointment can be made to work with a representative from Darby Scott® who can assist you with custom orders.