Counterfeit Products / Fraudulent Web Sites

Darby Scott is committed helping to protect the public from counterfeiters. Counterfeiting is illegal and many of today’s counterfeiting rings operate as sophisticated criminal enterprises. They invest in advanced technologies and target unsuspecting consumers through popular websites and apps such as resale marketplaces, social media sites, auction listings, and copycat websites. The product photos used by counterfeiters are often much different from the items they send, with no customer service or return options. In the end, a replica might mimic our goods, but not the quality, craftsmanship, and service that has become a hallmark of genuine Darby Scott merchandise for decades. If in doubt please contact our customer support team.

Why is the fight against counterfeiting so important?

Counterfeiters resort to disturbing practices to make their products and maximize their unlawful profits, often ignoring laws on child labor, workplace safety, environmental protection, product safety, and minimum wage. Counterfeiters have also been known to engage in other types of fraud once they’ve made a sale and have the purchaser’s name, address, e-mail, and credit card information. The harmful effects of buying knockoffs and counterfeits go far beyond a one-off transaction.

How are counterfeits sold online?

Counterfeiters target consumers online mainly through:

  • Resale marketplaces and auction sites?
We regularly find counterfeit Darby Scott products in popular online marketplaces. Counterfeiters may advertise an item as “pre-owned” and offer a plausible discount from the store price to lure innocent consumers looking for a good deal on authentic Darby Scott. These products are not guaranteed to be authentic, even if the site provides “authentication” services.
  • Copycat websites
These sites copy images and text from DarbyScott.com to mirror the look and feel of the official Darby Scott website and create the impression that they are somehow associated with us. Some even use “Darby” and/or “Scott” (or a subtly misspelled variation) in the web address to fool customers.


Q: Where can I purchase Darby Scott products? 

A: Darby Scott designs are available online at https://www.darbyscott.com or by appointment, at pop-up events which will be advertised or posted on our website. For advance information about or invitation to upcoming events please create an account here to join our email list.

Q: How does Darby Scott address counterfeiting?

A: We devote significant resources to protecting our designs, logos, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights, including by:

  • taking legal action against counterfeiters and their distributors,
  • working with law enforcement and customs officials in various countries,
  • participating in trade groups and other organizations to promote policy solutions to better protect creators and consumers, and
  • raising public awareness about the dangers of purchasing knockoffs and counterfeits

Q: How can I report suspected counterfeits?

A: If you see an ad, listing or social media post that seems suspicious, please make sure to report it to the platform. 

Please direct all tips about counterfeit products, suspicious websites, or vendors of any kind selling Darby Scott counterfeits or knockoffs to customerservice@DarbyScott.com with the subject line of 'reporting suspected fraud'

Please provide as much information as possible, such as:

  • the seller’s name and contact information
  • the website or physical location of the activity
  • screenshots of what’s being reported (whether a listing, auction, social media post, ad, etc.), including pictures of the counterfeit product itself
  • images of actual product purchased
  • copies of any communications with seller, including any receipts or confirmation 

Q:  I found another website that looks legitimate and sells Darby Scott products. Is it real?

A. Probably not. As more commerce moves online, the sale of knockoffs and counterfeit goods has also shifted to the internet. Some sellers even intentionally misspell Darby Scott in order to capitalize on common typos. Frequently, these sites, known as “rogue websites,” mirror the look and feel of the official Darby Scott website, or otherwise create the impression that they are associated with Darby Scott, when in fact they are often not authentic product.

Many of these sites actually copy photographs and/or text directly from our official site. In addition, they may offer a believable discount on the suggested retail price of an alleged Darby Scott product to make consumers believe they are receiving a good deal on a real product. Unfortunately, these deals ARE too good to be true and ultimately you may receive a low-quality fake, or nothing at all.

Darby Scott does not have an online outlet website. Darby Scott does not link through other retail or third-party applications. 

PLEASE NOTE that just because one or more of the following points may be true about a website does NOT necessarily mean that it is an authorized retailer:

  • The website’s domain name contains the words DARBY SCOTT;
  • The website appears in a search engine result;
  • The website has the look and feel of the DARBY SCOTT brand;
  • The website uses DARBY SCOTT photographs or product images;
  • The website claims to be a DARBY SCOTT seller or reseller;
  • The website claims to offer DARBY SCOTT products at a discount.

While we cannot list all unauthorized websites selling knockoff Darby Scott or listing merchandisebelow are just a few examples of such websites and third-party websites that are not authorized by us to sell Darby Scott merchandise. If the website you find does not appear on this list, do not assume it is legitimate. When in doubt contact customer service with your concerns to customerservice@darbyscott.com or call 800-374-5631.

  • ybo337.com
  • Designerbagsjewelry.com
  • shopperboard.com
  • atomee.com
  • shoppingonline.ie

Q: I found Darby Scott products for sale on an auction website. Are they authentic?

A: Auction websites do not generally guarantee the authenticity of the products sold on their sites. For this reason, there may be knockoff or counterfeit goods available through auction sites, despite language from the seller that the item is genuine or authentic. Additionally, please be careful when buying from such websites as they typically do not offer warranties.

While we regularly monitor auction sites to locate and take down infringing product listings, sellers continue to post listings for fake products, and we cannot assure that any given listing for a Darby Scott product is genuine nor do we authenticate merchandise that is purchased from an auction site. We do not authorize any sellers to sell on these sites.

Q: Where can I find genuine Darby Scott products?

A: Authentic Darby Scott products are available online at https://www.darbyscott.com, or by appointment, or at occasional pop-up events which are advertised or promoted on our website. For advance information about or invitation to upcoming events please create an account here to join our email list.

Our company does not offer merchandise for sale through individuals, street vendors, flea markets, unauthorized retail locations, Internet auctions, or at house parties. If you buy an alleged Darby Scott product through an unauthorized dealer, you could be purchasing a knockoff. 

Q: Why should I care about the sale of knockoff or counterfeit goods?

A: Counterfeiting is illegal. Sellers of knockoff and counterfeit goods unfairly profit at the expense of legitimate designers and business owners and harm the economy through lost revenues, jobs, and taxes. According to the International Chamber of Commerce, knockoffs and counterfeit activity accounts for 5-7% of world trade, worth an estimated $600 billion a year.

Knockoff and counterfeit merchandise will also deprive you of the assured high-quality standards embodied in the Darby Scott brand. Knockoff products do not undergo our inspection or testing processes. In addition, counterfeiters may not adhere to safety, health, or wage regulations, such as anti-sweatshop and child labor laws. Counterfeiters have also been linked to identity theft and organized crime. Consequently, when you purchase a knockoff product, not only are you likely to receive a poor-quality product, but you are likely supporting illegal activity. 

Q: What is Darby Scott doing to combat counterfeiting and knockoff activity?

A: We have developed a comprehensive program to combat the distribution and sale of knock-off and counterfeit merchandise. We participate in numerous enforcement efforts in the U.S. and internationally, including cooperation with customs authorities and law enforcement agencies to stop the shipment of knockoff goods, legal actions against sellers of knockoffs and counterfeit goods, and the takedown of knockoff websites, fraudulent online auction listings, and unauthorized sponsored links.

Q: What should I do if accidentally purchased knockoff or counterfeit goods and want to report the incident? 

A: You can report the site to Darby Scott at Customerservice@darbyscott.com. In order to assist us in our efforts to thoroughly investigate any potential knockoff or counterfeit goods purchases, we will need as much information as you can provide. Below is a list of helpful information that you can provide to us for our investigation. Please provide as much information as possible, such as:

  • Seller’s name and contact information
  • Platform or location from which purchase was made
  • Screenshots of infringing listings for websites
  • Any images of infringing product purchased
  • Copies of any communications with seller
  • Location of the merchandise (i.e., retail, street vendor, website, factory, etc.)
  • Number of products offered
  • Type and style of products offered

We may use and disclose the information you provide for any of the purposes described in our privacy policy.