Sage green wide ribbon belt tied in half bow - Darby Scott
Live Colorfully -Accessorize Freely

Grosgrain Ribbon Belts

Ivory ribbon belt shown on model seated in chair - Darby Scott
Terracotta ribbon belt on sunflower caftan dress - Darby Scott

A long time signature from Darby Scott, we supply these with many garments. Over the years, the requests were numerous for us to sell these separately. Now, they are one of our best sellers. Available in a host of gorgeous colors and a selection of widths ...These soft, grosgrain belts. are versatile and collectible - wear over a sweater, cinch a blazer or to add color to your trench coat or cocktail dress . Use them for contrast or tone on tone - tie in a bow or a soft knot - even wear one in your hair... the experimenting never ends...

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