Model wearing an animal print two piece chemise with ivory ribbon belt - Darby Scott
Spotlight on: the Ribbon belt

Go a head -Take a Bow

Spotlight On: The Ribbon Belt Collection.

Darby Scott designs have often featured these soft and colorful ribbon belts. So when the requests came in to sell them stand alone and in more collectible colors...she said, why knot?

Wrap up your look with a soft tie that accentuates the waist or adds a pretty pop of color.

Terracotta Ribbon Belt
Terracotta ribbon belt on sunflower caftan dress - Darby Scott
Terracotta ribbon belt on brown floral kimono dress - Darby Scott
Ivory ribbon belt shown on model seated in chair - Darby Scott

A new way to tie one on...a sweater, a dress, a blazer, a blouse, a trench...

Purple plaid chemise with Black Ribbon Belt - Darby Scott
Grey Agate Necklace on a model wearing a silver kimono style dress - Darby Scott

There is one for every season and every occasion

Model wearing a black caftan style dress with a black grograin ribbon belt tied at the waist
Grosgrain Ribbon Belt on Red Chemise