Darby Scott Croc Iconic handbag with Garnet jeweled handle

 This is where it all began ...  It is a brilliant synthesis of two of women's favorite things, jewelry and handbags. Often referred to as the "necklace bag", this iconic style, was first introduced at Bergdorf Goodman In New York City and Neiman Marcus nationwide in the fall of 2000. This is THE bag that helped catapult the Darby Scott brand as a strong player in the competitive realm of luxury.

Now, twenty years later, this style continues to be a collector's favorite. With so many iterations and combinations of colors, leathers, textiles and stones, the possibilities for are uniquely endless.

 Darby Scott's women’s day bags are also beautifully embellished with semi-precious stones and minerals set in uniquely designed hardware. This natural extension makes jewel embellished bags 'for evening only' a thing of the past. 

 Now, the jeweled bag, once synonymous with evening galas, continues to be reimagined at Darby Scott in ways suitable for every day. 


 These everyday bags do not omit any of the exquisite craftsmanship the evening and dinner bags are known for- equally covetable, these too will stand the test of time. 

 Harper’s Bazaar editors describe Darby’s handbag and jewelry designs as “unique must haves” and “forever pieces” and “unlike anything you’ve ever seen”. 

 In 2017, a men’s travel bag and accessories collection and women’s soft leather bags were added to the brands range of offerings. These newest additions go big, soft and slouchy. In keeping with the a logo-less tradition,  these bags feature a stunning sterling silver plate that can be custom engraved with your own initials. Esquire Magazines editors call the travel collection, “perfectly slouchy and tough but luxurious”. 

 We can’t wait to see what Darby brings us throughout 2024! So far everything new Darby Scott adds to the collection lives up to the early lineage.

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