Black Croc Iconic Bag with Gemstone Handle featured by Bergdorf-Goodman Holiday Book
handbags: Still innovating after 20 years

The Jeweled Bag's Debut

These bags - Rock Tradition.

Darby Scott - 2000

It began as an idea to synthesize, in unique and unforeseen ways, two of women's favorite passions, jewelry and handbags.

The raison d'etre of the Darby Scott collection is to combine subtle artistry with timeless style and ultimately create modern heirlooms.

Darby's designs are rooted in the past through her true dedication to old world craftsmanship, techniques and classic shapes. Yet, her designs go above and beyond an homage to the past. Darby creates something that looks as if has a distinguished provenance but is simultaneously modern. This is what drives the designer to reach new heights with each addition to her range of collections - ultimately creating something of lasting beauty.

Often referred to as the "necklace bag", the now iconic style, was first introduced at Bergdorf Goodman In New York City and Neiman Marcus nationwide in the Fall of 2000.

The editors soon - took note...

In a season of opulence-golden excess, rich embellishment and the return of extravagant jewelry-even we were knocked out by ready-to-wear designer Darby Scott's incredible new collection of handbags...

Town & Country, 2000
Darby Scott Handbag in Mauve Alligator as seen in Neiman Marcus Catalog
Iconic bag in Brown Lizard with gemstone handle by Darby Scott

This is THE bag that helped catapult the brand and establish Darby Scott as a strong player in the highly competitive realm of luxury. By melding the look of an opulent, louche necklace with a fine peau de soie or luxury skin handbag, Darby created a whole new look for dinner and evening where rhinestone encrusted minaudieres were long considered de rigueur. In short time, her bags were a favorite at galas and charity luncheons across the country.

Everyone has the perfect black bag. But you'll find something more in Darby Scott's exquisite collection of handbags. In the logo-laden world of accessories, her hallmark is unusual combinations of materials...striking colors accented with semi-precious stones, minerals and other organic elements.

Neiman Marcus - the Point 2002
Baby Blue Alligator Handbag with Aquamarine Gemstone Handle as seen in Bergdorf-Goodman Resort Catalog
Navy Crocodile Iconic Handbag with Labradorite Handle

Now, more than twenty years later, this style continues to be a collector's favorite; with so many iterations and combinations of colors, leathers, textiles and stones, proving that after more than 20 years strong, as Darby said, at the launch of her handbags, the possibilities are indeed endless.

The possibilities are endless!

Darby Scott , Town & Country - 2000
Gold wash lizard iconic handbag with gold rutilated quartz handle
Silver Wash Ring Lizard Handbag with Faceted Quartz Necklace Handle next to roses - Darby Scott

Rock of ages...a future mined in the past.

Circa 2010 - the Grommet Series

Darby continues to Rock Tradition

Darby Scott's women’s day bags are also beautifully embellished with semi-precious stones and minerals set in uniquely designed hardware. This natural extension makes jewel embellished bags 'for evening only' a thing of the past.